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About Kimbi blog


Kimbi blog is the most updated Cameroon Entertainment blog that delivers latest news about Cameroon celebrities , New Cameroon songs, new Cameroon music videos, Entertainment Gist & Sports related content  on a daily Basis to Cameroonians and Entertainment lovers worldwide. Our content touches at least 3 million people monthly.

Founded in 2019, Kimbi blog has grown so big to become one of the most notable entertainment brands in Cameroon, with a growing and dedicated audience of Millennials (Gen Y) and Zoomers (Gen Z). We started the platform with just a Facebook page in 2018 where we used to post just newly released Cameroon and African songs and we later developed the idea to Kimbi blog in 2019.

In our news reporting, we uphold the cardinal principles of truth, accuracy, Put African culture first. Our mission is to provide Cameroonians with factual information on the issues that matter to them: Music and Sports and current affairs occasionally.


As an independent media Platform, we finance our operations with revenue generated from providing advertising services. Over the years, some of our clients have included TotalEnergies, MTN Zik, Muzikol , artistes, promoters and Many More….

NOTE: We have never been financed or influenced by the government, political parties, or by private individuals.


1.) Our aim is to collect information from all the available sources, systematise it and explain it in a really understandable and neutral manner. 

2.) All the stories on Kimbi Blog shall avoid a single-sided reflection of the situation (unless it is the author’s opinion). Our site is not liable for the author’s point of view, but, at the same time, we reserve the right to publish alternative visions, as long as they are not considered to be propaganda, do not justify violence.

3.) Kimbi blog often has to deal with challenging and controversial content, which may offend some of the audience of the time. But alternative visions also contribute to the diversity of content in the media and to fulfilling our function to encourage and promote some of the spheres of life. We acknowledge that an editor should never gratuitously harm or offend and, accordingly, any content which is likely to harm or offend must have a clear editorial purpose. 

4.) We always refer to the initial source of information and make a clear reference to it, whenever possible.

5.) The writers makes every effort to double check the data. The facts in our articles are instantly amended, so that maximum integrity, accuracy and precision are achieved. The users have an opportunity to contribute to this process as well 


Due to the impactful content, Our founder Randy Kimbi received an award on our behalf (Kimbi blog ) at the 7th edition of THE SHIRLMA SHOW. 

In 2021, KImbi Blog picked up a nomination at the second edition of Muzikol Music AWards and competed with other top Cameroonian entertainment platforms but didn’t win sadly.

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