2Baba: Men are wired to cheat (Watch Him Speak)

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A well-known Nigerian musician by the name of Innocent Idibia, also known as 2Baba, has discussed the reasons why men sometimes cheat on their partners with other women.

He asserts that men frequently engage in infidelity not because they have feelings for the other women, but rather because their genital organs appear to have their own thoughts and thoughts only.

2Baba provided his perspective on the subject during a conversation that took place on the second season of the reality show titled “Young, Famous, and African.”

He explained to actress Annie Idibia, his wife, that men’s instinctual desires are primarily motivated by the desire for sexual gratification.

Whether we like it or not, men are wired that way. A man will cherish a lady to damnation.

“But maybe he is somewhere, and his dick would just decide something to fuck,” the author adds.

Nadia, a show participant, added, “It’s not the man’s genitals that make such decisions, but his mind,” to which 2Baba responded,

“Okay, however you look at it, he will fuck.

“But he will not even give a fuck about that person. He just wants to sort out that shit.”

Annie, visibly upset, questioned whether her husband’s comments were reflective of his personal beliefs or a general statement.

2Baba clarified that it was his personal belief and opinion on the matter.

Annie Idibia, who listened to her husband’s viewpoint on cheating, expressed her heartbreak at hearing his perspective.

Watch Him Speak Below:

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