AG Baby offers his thoughts on how to respond to online haters (See More)

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Adekunle Gold, aka AG Baby, one of Nigeria’s top Afro-pop stars, has discussed how to deal with online trolls.

Adekunle Gold has had to deal with online bullies due to his growing social media profile and the recent release of his astonishing fifth album, “Tequila Ever After.”

The “Wrong Person” singer claimed in an interview with Beats FM that he has every right to respond to trolls and doesn’t feel constrained by his popularity in doing so.

Like other renowned persons, the award-winning singer, who recently released his fifth critically acclaimed album, “Tequila Ever After,” has encountered some unfavorable comments on Twitter, mostly from anonymous accounts.

“The part that annoys me the most is when people say don’t respond… If you’re stupid enough to use your @ and say something and expect me not to respond,” Adekunle Gold says about giving trolls a piece of his mind.

The constant needless attacks from faceless accounts led Adekunle Gold to wish for the days before social media where access to celebrities wasn’t just a tweet away.

“I really missed the days when we looked up to our celebrities and there was no access to them. Now you’re just one @ away from being disrespected.”

AG Baby acknowledges that there is a positive side to social media despite the unfavourable aspect of celebrities having unfettered access to it, as it provides a chance to interact with fans.

In the end, Adekunle wants the public to understand that famous people are still people, and there is a limit to how much insulting language they can take.


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