Blaqbonez –: Why I Won’t Post Pieces In front of My Music Delivery (See More)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
2 Min Read

The Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez has cautioned his fans not to anticipate any snippets of the music he plans to release on May 12.

He took to online entertainment to make sense of that he thinks sharing pieces of his music detracts from the first-day listening experience.

When they hear the new music, Blaqbonez said he wants his fans to “unpack everything all at once” and “lose their minds.”

He even asked fans to record a video of their first listen so he could see how they felt.

I won’t be posting any snippets from May 12 because I think they diminish the initial listening experience.

“I need you guys to unpack everything at once, I want you to LOSE YOUR MIND, and I need a favor: I want you to record your first listen so I can see how you react. much obliged to you,” he tweeted.

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