Burna Boy Show off As He Drove His Lamborghini In Lagos (Watch)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Burna Boy, an Afrobeats Superstar known for his extraordinary talent, has sparked lively internet debates with a video of his trip back to his native Nigeria.

The musician, who reportedly just arrived in the nation, is already energizing his audience as he prepares to release his eagerly anticipated album, I Told Them.

The Last Last singer was recently seen driving through the energetic streets of Lagos with none other than his dependable personal helper, the one and only King Manny.

When the artist got into his car, a huge crowd emerged to see him, which led to some traffic jam within the venue.


After Burna Boy spoke out against the upcoming military involvement in the Niger Republic following a coup, this has happened.

The Grammy-winning singer pleaded with Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu through live video to focus on resolving the country’s gasoline issue, which was brought on by his unexpected suspension of subsidies.

Burna Boy also argued that Nigeria shouldn’t consider war when there is a fuel shortage.

He also discussed how the military would encounter difficulties if they were to be sent out at some point due to a gasoline shortage.

“Wettin dey sub na?” questioned Burna. Dem claim that this is how the war will start. Never go to combat without fuel.

“How did you get to the battleground? You use…. Do they still use that generator, betting? gas engine. E astound me. Wahala never gets old in Nigeria.

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