Davido reveals the most important things in his life (Watch Him Speak)

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In a recent interview, Nigerian music superstar Davido discussed the things in his life that he values the most.

The performer admitted in an open exchange that love is the most important thing in his life.

Davido said, “My wife does a great job already,” expressing his gratitude for the love his wife already brings into his life. Just be kind to me.

In both his personal and professional relationships, he emphasized the significance of positivity and harmony.

Davido talked about an incident in the interview that showed how much he wanted a good environment.

While travelling on a private jet, two of his employees engaged in an argument.

Davido promptly intervened, making it clear that he has no tolerance for negativity or conflict this year.

He urged anyone who wanted to spread negativity or create a destructive atmosphere to leave.

The renowned artiste emphasized his focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

“For example, when we were on the jet, two of my workers started arguing.

“I told them that I do not have time for arguing and fighting this year.

“Anybody that want to be negative or destructive around me should pack their load and get out.’

“This year, all I want is positivity. Even when there is a problem, I want to know if we can fix it.

“Can we fix it? Is it possible to fix it? So let’s sit down and calm down and fix the problem.

“Life is not hard. Sometimes we make it hard for ourselves,” he said.

Watch him speak below:


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