Isreal DMW Promise A Fan 100k (See Details)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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The fascinating journey of a devoted fan who set out on an amazing bicycle ride from Benue state to Lagos state in search of seeing his beloved star has been upended by Israel DMW, a close assistant to Nigerian music sensation Davido.

Israel’s proposal has given a tale that has struck a chord with both fans and bystanders alike a novel twist.

Davido had initially expressed his unavailability to meet emmiwuks in reaction to the laborious fan’s journey.

Advising the passionate traveler to turn back due to his absence, the artist showcased a hint of disappointment that circumstances were not aligning for a direct meeting. However, emmiwuks’ determination remained unshaken, as he expressed an adamant resolve to stand by his quest to connect with the celebrated singer.

It was amidst this unfolding saga that Israel, the aide known for his involvement in Davido’s career, entered the narrative with a proposal that caught many off guard.

Israel, acknowledging the fan’s commitment and devotion, suggested an alternative route. The aide advised emmiwuks to redirect his journey towards Benin, offering a substantial incentive of 100,000 Naira as a testament to Davido’s recognition of his unwavering dedication.


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