Joeboy Talks about His Tattoos (Watch Him Speak)

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Recently, Nigerian singer Joeboy discussed the significance of some of his tattoos.

The talented singer, who is best known for songs like “Baby” and “Nobody,” recently spoke with Chinasa Anukam. During that conversation, he opened up about the tattoos that have a special place in his heart.

Joeboy stated that his first tattoo, which read “Young Legend,” was his favorite. He referred to it as a prophecy’s announcement and manifestation.

“My favourite tattoo is definitely the first tattoo I got; Young Legend. It’s like a prophetic declaration, manifestation,” he said.

Among his collection of tattoos, Joeboy highlighted one that holds significant meaning to him—a bear tattoo.

Explaining its symbolism, the singer compared bears from a distance to being cute, like a teddy bear.

However, he emphasized that despite his calm and pleasant demeanour, he shouldn’t be provoked or challenged.

“My most meaningful tattoo is this bear right here. Looking at bears from afar, person cute like teddy bear right?

“If you see me from afar, yeah I’m calm, cool and nice. But don’t look for my trouble I’m begging you in the name of God. I’ll fight you and I won’t stop.”

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