Many Nigerian Celebrities Are In Debt (See Why)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Jenni O of BBTitans has explained why so many Nigerian celebrities are in debt.

She stated that many Nigerian celebrities have defaulted on their financial obligations in order to live extravagant lives in order to attract fans.

She said that fans are to blame for celebrities’ high expectations, and that many superstars go into huge debt just to meet such demands.

This was as of late communicated by the media big name on her Instagram story.

“Nigeria influencing consists of fake ass life. Everything is so fake post a real picture it’s an issue.

“Cant dress a certain way outside because you don’t want to appear somehow.

“Some of your faves are in debt trying to keep up with the high *as expectations you all have put for them. Nothing is real.”

See the post below:

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