Omah Lay stated, “Trust me, I brush after breakfast, not before.” (Watch The Video)

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Stanley Omah Didia, better known by his stage name Omah Lay, is a pop star in Nigerian music. He has admitted that he brushes his teeth after eating breakfast.

Omah Lay’s “Understand” is the perfect afro-fusion that portrays life, according to a comprehensive review. He made this statement while he was being interviewed on the sidelines of a music concert, just moments after enthralling the audience with an energetic performance.

The ‘Soso’ hit-creator declared that no one on the planet cleans their teeth prior to eating the morning feast.

“Do you clean your teeth previously or after breakfast?” The journalist asked.

He responded, ” Yes, following breakfast. Nowadays, no one brushes their teeth before eating.

The questioner in any case, contributed and said she cleans her teeth before breakfast.

The artiste answered; ” You are the only one who does, so I don’t know.

Omah Lay said that he brushes his teeth before going out to eat in the morning, but if he wanted to eat breakfast at home, he ate first.

She also asked him if that is what happens in Nigeria, but the singer reiterated that it is practiced by people all over the world.

Omah added; “But when I have to go out to get breakfast I have to brush, but when I’m at home, trust me I brush after breakfast.”

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