Sarkodie Reacts to Yvonne Nelson’s Abortion Claim.(See More)

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Grant Winning Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, has answered the charges made by entertainer Yvonne Nelson, who asserted in her diary “I’m Not Yvonne Nelson” that he constrained her to have a fetus removal in the wake of impregnating her.

“I wasn’t the only one responsible for the situation, so I called the man whose potent seed had germinated in me,” Yvonne described in a chapter of her book. “He said no.” Sarkodie is a well-known Ghanaian musician who goes by the name Michael Owusu Addo.

“Sarkodie was a talented musician who had the potential to become one of Ghana’s most well-known artists and artists outside of Ghana. However, the future appeared bleak at the time, and his path through life’s maze appeared still too hazy to predict. Achievement was not ensured. She added, “He was not ready to carry a burden while he was being carried by his mother because he was still living with his mother.”

In his song titled “Try Me,” Sarkodie addressed the issue, stating that he was not the one who insisted on the abortion, although he admitted that he was not financially prepared at the time. He revealed that Yvonne Nelson had made the decision to terminate the pregnancy because she was pursuing her education.

“I never thought I was going on this wave, cause I was ready to take a couple of things to my grave. First of all, let me clap for you baby you are brave but you can’t pick and choose what to say pls behave, nobody sent you so Ohemaa if you want to talk, you have to tell the world every n*gga that you f*cked” Sarkodie rapped.

He continues that “I am not going to sit here and lie we had a thing, first I thought we were cool till I had a hint… You told me you were pregnant and I was the one to be blamed … yes I wasn’t ready but I told you to keep it and you explained that you have to complete your school.”

Yvonne Nelson took to her Twitter account on Wednesday to express her disappointment with Sarkodie’s response, stating that he had undermined the emotional distress she experienced during her younger years.

She said: “In my book, I narrated how you got me pregnant , how you couldn’t wait for me to get rid of it. How you drove me to have an abortion. As usual, you want to use rap to rubbish a pain a young woman felt. We both have daughters, let see what life throws at them.”

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