Seun Kuti Layers Says Nothing Illegal About His Travel (See Why)

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Seun Kuti’s attorneys have said something regarding the discussions following his surprising travel abroad after he was delivered on bail.

On Thursday, the Afrobeat star flew to Zurich, Switzerland, where he would begin his European tour.

Kuti’s legal advisors, Femi Falana (SAN) and Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika (SAN), have now expressed that the movement is neither unlawful nor unlawful.

As per them, the artiste isn’t being arraigned in court by the police or some other power and as such is allowed to go where he satisfies.

Seun Kuti will stand his preliminary. Additionally, the police have been instructed by the Magistrate to forward the case file to the Department of Public Prosecution.

He will appear in court whenever he is required to appear for his trial. Seun Kuti is assumed blameless until the opposite is demonstrated.

Falana stated on Thursday, “As far as we’re concerned, once the state files a charge and a date is fixed for arraignment, he will be in court.”

It is not against the law for someone who is out on bail to leave the country.

“One of the conditions for his bail was not the issue of depositing his passport.

“As far as we’re concerned, once the state files a charge and a date is fixed for arraignment”, he added.

On his part, Olumide-Fusika said that it is the choice of the DDP to make a decision on the matter once it receives the case file.

“He will surely be in court on July 3, 2023, and on each day he’s required to appear.

“It should, however, be noted that Mr Seun Kuti is not being prosecuted in court whether by the NPF or any other prosecuting authority.

“The DPP, after receiving and studying the police investigation file will decide the offences Mr Kuti is to be charged with.

“It is after being charged with specific offences that Mr Kuti will be arraigned to take his plea.

“If he pleads not guilty, trial dates will be set, and the trial will take place. If he pleads guilty, he will be sentenced to appropriate punishment.”

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