Side Chic Allegedly Poison’s Sugar Daddy’s Family For Refusing To Take Her As Second Wife (Read More)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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A Tweep has recounted how a woman is accused of poisoning the married man she’s dating, along with his complete family of six people.

He claimed the side chick wanted to become a wife but the man refused to accept her as his second wife, so she came up with a cunning plan to repay him.

The narrator, who goes by the name Simonex, claims that the sugar daddy gave the woman a sizable sum of money as a parting gift because he wanted to terminate their relationship.

She conspired to poiison the entire family with his personal driver, though, because she felt used and discarded.

The chauffeur allegedly received N500,000 from the suspect in exchange for assisting her in carrying out the heinous deed.

Simox wrote; “A side chick ended an entire family of 6, simply because the man refuse to take her as a second wife, after receiving huge amount of money as a pay off, this wicked act was achieved through their close driver who helped poisoned their food for just 500k bribe.”

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