[Video] Portable and Charles Okocha’s interaction is pure chaos (Watch)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Pure chaos ensues when the powers of “Idamu Adugbo” and “Phenomena” collide. When Portable and Charles Okocha unexpectedly ran into each other on a Lagos street, exactly this was what happened.

At the beginning of the video, Portable and Charles Okocha are seen driving in close proximity to one another and nearly colliding. After this near-miss, both people get out of their cars and start a heated verbal argument.

Portable and Charles Okocha, both well-known for their expressiveness, exchanged a torrent of words.

As the interaction escalates, Charles Okocha playfully removes Portable’s face cap, adding a touch of physical comedy to the situation.

He then proceeds to grab Portable’s polo shirt, engaging in a friendly tug-of-war. Portable then chased Okocha around the road, threatening to hit him with ‘jazz’.

Both entertainers ended up driving in opposite directions. While the encounter appeared to be intense, it is important to note that Portable and Charles Okocha’s

exchange was nothing serious.

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