“What’s up girlfriend?” – Wizkid asks pretty Cameroon lady while touching her b00bs ( VIDEO ).

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In a recent video shared online by Cameroonian model Kaicy Kyns Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun who is well known as Wizkid was seen holding the endowed Cameroon lady from the back and her hands and his softly placed hands on her b00bs.

A reliable source told Kimbi blog that this ladies name is Kaicy, she captioned the video “Your Crush’s Crush” insinuating that she’s WizKids crush.

Watch the video below 👇

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>> Bigg Jm

Wizkid Yi baby mama(Jada P) di surely cry na all

day Hahaha

>> Fon Daniella

Cameroon girls them no di take last

>> Ber Jean

When wizkid knack her beans now and give her huge money. She will come back and post that hard work this and that, only to depress our sisters her

>>Alain Zimo Ber Jean

which money boy na free be…

>>Bonito Claudia

Even na me I’ll do same

>>Sylvia S’lush


>> Fomo Franck

Free beans to knack Na privilege for knack with kind person

>>El Priceless Fomo Franck haahahahhahahahahah…

>>Olivia Amah 

Star boi dey for us

>>Ngalla Guy

Na Cameroonian? Because you say one of our. Asking for a friend.

>>Emelda Foyabo

Our baby loading

>>Nekoh FaLone

Wizkid be say “star boy dey for you”, star boy di go round yi go reach any woman wey patient

>>Jerry Lion 

Only kako for wiz na Mami P

>>Asangbeng Claudine

No fine mocap

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