Why Is Sarkodie So Rarely Replying To Arguments (Watch Him Speak)

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This act known as “beef” is a technique used to achieve relevance, be in the press, restore a dying music career, or even create one in the first place, even though it is occasionally a staged act to garner attention and money.

There have been cases where artists have wasted time and beats in the studio creating a diss song for another artist, only to have it ignored no matter how much effort they put into it.

One of these musicians, rapper Sarkodie, frequently presents the impression that he hasn’t heard songs that are specifically addressed to him.

The rapper acknowledged that he doesn’t often reply to “beefs” because he feels that no one in the industry is worthy of his response.

The Ghanaian rapper claims he no longer listens to unjustified criticism because he has managed to turn all the criticism he received into something positive.

Additionally, he should gain from responding to someone’s criticism if he is going to do so.

“To be very honest the reason why I don’t speak is because nobody is really worth my response which has always been my stand. It should be somebody that I am going to benefit from, even if I don’t want to respond I will respond because I will benefit from it.”

“Most times the people that speak about Sarkodie, If I look at them from top to button, like is it even worth it for me to go back and forth with this person. That’s the main reason why I don’t speak.”

“When I started my journey, I cared about what people said and I realized that it doesn’t change anything. People said a lot about Sarkodie, I will not be able to make it big rapping in my native language, I am here now, I am not going to be able to do a show in the States, I took the BET Award so now when I hear people speak, I am like you are joust saying something it’s not going to change so it is not worth it” he concluded.

Recently, the rapper shocked his followers by releasing a diss tune in reaction to Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, “Try Me.”

Sarkodie highlighted that he wasn’t necessarily proud of the track’s release, though.

“I am not going sit here and say I am super proud of it, the thing is just in a moment how I felt whether be my truth there should have been a way you could have said it that’s why I don’t like to speak about it because this is a conversation between two people,” he pointed out.

But at the time, he felt forced to use music to convey his reality and feelings.

Watch him speak below:

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