You Cannot Work With Sarz, If You Are Not A Good Artiste — Lojay [Video]

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Lojay, a musician, has provided some insight into his collaboration with Sarz, a well-known producer.

Lojay told Korty that working with Sarz necessitates a certain level of artistic talent and expertise.

“If you are not a good artiste, you cannot work with Sarz,” Lojay said.

According to Lojay, Sarz advised him to make some changes to his music style during their first conversation while recording their collaborative EP ‘Love n Attn’.

Lojay shared that he had played Sarz some of his old music, and the producer gave him honest feedback.

He went on to explain that Sarz’s feedback helped him to change his approach to music-making, which led to significant improvements.

“I remember the first conversation that Sarz and I had in the house where we recorded ‘Love n Attn’, there was one particular advice he gave me.

“I had played him old music and then he just said ‘you sound like you are trying to blow’.

“And it’s like what I was doing at that point in time, I just switched one or two things and everything just changed,” Lojay said.

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