Boomplay Recap Cameroon 2022: Rinyu smiles to Number 1 ( see all top artistes)

Boomplay Recap Cameroon 2022

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Most popular used streaming platform in Africa, Boomplay releases a Recap of the year 2022 which shows how Cameroonian artistes performed digitally on the platform.

Boomplay Recap by country highlights categories including Top Male Artists, Top Female Artists, Top Booming Artists, Most Streamed Songs and Albums, among others, while Recap for Artists shares 2022 stats of individual artists, including the Total Streams, Hours Streamed, Listeners, Most Streamed Song and Most Streamed Country.

On the other hand, users on Boomplay (Boombuddies) will have access to personalised results of their music consumption and engagement on Boomplay.

The users’ recap highlights each Boombuddy’s 2022 music journey by revealing details such as the number of songs they listened to, their top genres, discoveries, top artists, songs they had on repeat and many more interesting personal insights.

Kicking off the year’s music review with the Boomplay Recap for Cameroon, Cysoul is the most streamed male artist, followed by Ko-C and Ridimz. At the same time, Rinyu is the most streamed female artist, followed by Blanche Bailly and Indira. Rinyu topped the most streamed songs of 2022 with ‘Controller‘, Ridimz’sShabasiko’ came in second, while Cysoul’s smash hit ‘Je Tombe Aussi’ is third.

On the top albums list, Indira’s ‘Souffle Nouveau’, leads the way, Locko’sEra‘ and Cysoul’s ‘Illusion’ also in the top three, while the Top Booming Artists of the year include Fhish, Krys M and Ful.

Boomplay has been at the forefront of Africa’s music streaming revolution. It has resolved to use strategic partnership and development initiatives to empower Africa’s digital music ecosystem to realise its potential. Recent partnerships with France’s Generations Radio and Africa’s leading telecommunications companies are moves towards the progress of the streaming culture and legal music consumption while expanding the reach of artists globally and helping Cameroon’s music industry become more viable and beneficial to all stakeholders.

Boomplay Recap Cameroon 2022 playlists are now streaming on the Boomplay app in different genres and categories, capturing all the artists and songs in the Recap and more for users to enjoy and relive their favourite songs and moments of 2022. The playlists can be found in a special music section in-app tagged Boomplay Recap 2022.

2022 Boomplay Recap Cameroon List. Follow the conversation via #BoomplayRecapCM2022 #BoomplayRecap2022 on social media.

Top C Male Artists 2022

1. Cysoul

2. Ko-C

3. Ridimz

Top Female Cameroon Artists 2022

1. Rinyu

2. Blanche Bailly

3. Indira

Most streamed Cameroon songs 2022

1. ControllerRinyu

2. Shabasiko – Ridimz

3. Je Tombe Aussi – Cysoul

Top Booming Cameroon Artists 2022

1. Krys M

2. Fhish

3. Ful

Most Streamed Cameroon Albums 2022

1. Souffle NouveauIndira

2. EraLocko

3. Illusions – Cysoul


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