Opinion: Feeding on Buzz to grow as an entertainer ( the good and the bad)

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How to Feed on trends to grow as an entertainer will affect your career ( the good and the bad)

Many people believe “There is no such thing as bad publicity” how true is this ?  If your goal is to make money working within media (why most people actually want publicity today), controversy is one of the biggest sellers. It is by far the biggest driver of traffic next to artistic talent(s).

“Bad” is merely a matter of personal opinion. People who fear another’s opinion about themselves just means they are insecure about their points of view. Which probably means they shouldn’t even be trying to be work within the public eye.

Now lets take an example of Kanye West and his ex Wife Kim Kardashian. Last year 2021, Kanye West became the richest musician in the world ( read more ) and in less than 60 weeks, Kanye West is no longer a billionaire. After he mocked his race ( black people ) by wearing a customized “White lives matter T-shirt) to a fashion and when criticized he throw shades at the Jewish People.

Balenciaga has stopped working with Kanye.

– His talent agency has dropped him.

– His albums are down by 23% through Oct. 20

– His bank cuts ties with him.

– His record label “GOOD MUSIC” is no longer part of Def Jam.

– His new lawyer has dropped him.

– No access to post on main social media platforms.

– Vogue cuts ties with him.

– Adidas cut ties with him

All these happened because Kanye made a comment against the Jewish people.

This is how Kanye West’s fall came about.

For his Ex wife Kim Kardashian, she is among the top 10 most followed people on Instagram with over 300 million followers. She blew up after her nudes were leaked online and since then, she’s constantly use controversy to build her followers and fans.

This is an example of how “bad publicity” helped and destroyed someone..


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