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In this video I went over 4 strategies and tips that I am currently using to create deeper and longer client relationships with my online clients.

1) Communication: Communication is key. My biggest problems in life have come from bad communication. That means being transparent and being prompt when new information is available or when information changes and the source of that information. By communicating as much as possible with clients on their projects, work, delays or issues as soon as you come into the information.

2) Setting Expectations: Expectation is everything when it comes to building relationships. If you know what someone expects of you and they know what you expect of them this makes life a whole lot easier to keep both sides happy. Set reasonable expectations and exceed those expectations by doing a little more than what is expected of you.

3) Provide Value: Use the 51/49 rule to give more value away to your clients than you take from your clients or potential clients. For example, if client B is paying you $50 an hour for your work give them $75 quality of work. Everyone loves a deal and you don’t have to be a bargain to provide more value to a client than they are paying you.

4) Respond Promptly: Respond to client’s emails and phone calls as fast as possible. People want to be heard. Even if you can’t give an answer just respond to them letting them know you got the message and when you will be able to respond.
Let me know if this video answer helped you in any way also if you want more tips visit

NB : Always apologize when ever you feel they’re hurt and make them feel they’re your only priority.

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