Is RENISS’ Relevance Reducing As She’s Not Dropping New Music?

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Is RENISS’ Relevance Reducing As She’s Not Dropping New Music?.I had a small discussion with one of my friends about Reniss and it resulted to an argument.

He capatilized on the fact that Reniss’ cannot be paid up to a million francs for a show again as she hasn’t dropped new music since 2020 and I was somehow confused.

He raised some points to back his words and I spoke from my point of view, be the judge.

According to him, Reniss can’t be paid for such amounts because she has not released a “Hit” song in the past 1 year.

That was the first point he raised but does a hit song in the past 1 year really matter ? The likes of Richard borna, Valsero and others fill up big shows with songs that were released close to a decade.

To me it’s better not to release a song than to release a weak song after hit songs. Fans always expect more from their artistes

His next point was that Reniss is isolated and he thinks she needs to be seen with other celebrities often to maintain her fans and give them content.

Really ? From what I’ve read from books and experience, it’s always good to be yourself. Looking at Reniss’ social media pages, you’ll understand she’s a reserved person who likes being in her Zone why hangout if you don’t like it ? 🤷.

This is getting long but that was not the intention but I’ll cut it here and talk a bit about Reniss.

Reniss is one of the most talented, reserved and respected female artistes in Cameroon. It is true the artist was inconsistent last year but looking at things critically she has done a lot of work which can’t be undermined.

Reniss has album and always stands out in everything she does like her hit song La Sauce!.

Reniss’ voice and manner of flow is unique which no one has been able to copy her and succeed.

That’s what I’ve to so according to you Is RENISS’ Relevance Reducing As She’s Not Dropping New Music?.


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