Mr Leo Jeéy album prelaunch breakdown | Lion of Africa album


Mr Leo had a prelaunch of his second Studio album titled “Jeéy” which most people call ‘Lion of Africa’ ‘Jeéy’ means different in English.

The prelaunch took place online (Instagram & Facebook ) with participants on September 17th, 2021.


Show participants 👇

Francis N’gannou.

– Audrey Mokam.

– Dj Fresh Muks

– Meaku.

– Fatima Altieri .

– Victoria Kimani.

– CFX.

– Artnurin.

The moderators of the show were two renowned Cameroon hosts.

Elmer Nene Shadseka Jimla aka Aunty Nene who has. Worked as a reporter at CRTv and Gwendoline F.D. founder Gwendy Media.

The show started on Instagram where he the invitees ( participants) shared their ideas on how the album in and what they think about Mr Leo‘s career as a spiritual artist. I’ll be giving you some key discussions like that of Francis N’gannou.

Photo : Bleacher report.

Question to Francis N’gannou. When did you first hear about Mr Leo ?

“I first heard your song ‘on va gere’ when I preparing for a fight in Chicago and that was in 2016. I attended your concert in Belgium even thou we didn’t meet. I admire and appreciate your work you guys are putting the music at a higher level” – Francis N’gannou’s words to Mr Leo.

Why did you titled the album ” Jeéy” ( different ) ?

“I don’t just want to win but I want to Win different.” – Mr Leo

Question to Mr Leo what should people be expecting from “jeey” album ?

Mr Leo : This is the same cook coming with another dish, I’ll be taking them on a spiritual journey and what I want everyone to have in mind is they’re going to go through a ‘spiritual journey’ while listening to the lion of Africa album.

After Francis N’gannou which was anchored by Aunty Nene, she invited Gwendoline F.D live took over as host and anchored welcomed the next participant Meaku who is also an artist shared his views about Mr Leo.

Tony blade.

Gwendoline F.D and Mr Leo welcomes next participant Tony Blade who is an L.A recording and mastering and he also mastered all the songs in the album ‘jeéy’ . He said it was amazing feeling even though he faced a lot of challenges working with a new sound like that of Mr Leo. ” When I was playing back the records I felt like I was in a different world”.

Mr Leo expressed gratitude to the L.A based produced and thanked him for being part of the album.


The next participant, Victoria Kimani was invited live on the show and where she talked about how much she has been listening to the album and loves his sound.

The Afro-pop Kenyan artist promised to share the ‘Jeéy’ album  and Mr Leo expressed gratitude to her and After Victoria Kimani, Dj Fredy Muks joint the live 


talked about how easy it was working with Mr Leo on this project he says he really loves to push younger talents like Mr Leo. He talked about seeing Mr Leo on stage with legends like Richard Bona, Umu Sagare and more.

This was the last speaker of there day watch vdeo below.


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