4 Reasons why you you keep failing job interviews in Cameroon and won’t get employed until you do this…..see more.

She is tired of goin for unsuccessful interviews.

1) Not showing enough interest and excitement.

Most people turn to neglect jobs and don’t show appreciation because it isn’t their dream job. This has let to the lost of many jobs.


Your resume is the first impression you make on employers, and ideally, it’s what gets your foot in the door — but if it doesn’t show off how perfect you are for the job, you’ll never get a chance to impress employers.

• A successful resume should do the following:

– Be an appropriate length for your experience and qualifications

– List relevant skills and work history

– Reflect the needs of the job you’re applying for

– Show how you can benefit the company

Your resume should be specific.

3) You’re Focused on One or Two Companies.

Your dream job is at the company across the street, so you apply for everything that comes up there. It’s fine to apply for a few positions at the same company, but people sometimes want a job at a particular place so badly that they apply for 10, 20, or even more positions.

When your name pops up that frequently, you’re actually lowering your chances of getting a job. Companies want to hire people that want a specific job. If you apply for too many positions, they assume that you just want any job and won’t necessarily be happy if they hire you.

4) You Can’t Explain Why You Were Fired.

Lots of people lose their jobs—some through no fault of their own and some because they did something stupid. Regardless of the reason you’re unemployed, you’ll need to explain what happened and why (if it was something you did) it won’t happen again. It’s hard enough to get hired when you’re unemployed, but if you simply blame your former boss for being a jerk, companies won’t want to take a chance on you.

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