Akumba Music queen, Rinyu signs multimillion deal with Razzl produced by UCB ( full details here)

Rinyu sings multimillion deal with Razzl produced by UCB ( full details here)


Congratulations to Akumba Music Queen, Rinyu for becoming the brand ambassador of UCB’s new drink Razzl for the next two years. This is indeed a remarkable collaboration coupled with Rinyu’s platform and fanbase RiHive 🐝 With this multimillion-franc deal, Razzl will definitely have the chance to soar like a Bee 🐝

Over the year UCB has proven to be the best brewery company not just with Pamplemous but with all it’s products. It’s great to know that Razzl comes in four refreshing flavors: Orange, Cola, Lemonade, and Grenadine. I can only imagine how delightful and refreshing they must taste!

Rinyu and Akumba Music CEO

Razzl will be available in two different sizes, 33cl (250frs) and 1L (500frs). This gives consumers the flexibility to choose the size that suits their preferences and occasions. Whether it’s a quick refreshing sip or a larger quantity to enjoy with friends, Razzl has got it covered!

It’s also exciting to hear that Razzl will not only be limited to one country but will be sold in other African countries as well. This expansion will surely allow more people to enjoy the vibrant and delicious Razzl drink.

Rinyu at Razzl launch

I was thrilled when I found out that Razzl is the official drink for AFCON 2024 in Abidjan. This is a significant achievement and speaks volumes about the popularity and recognition of the brand. It’s a great opportunity to showcase Razzl to a wider audience during such a prestigious event.

The Razzl Talent Hunt, championed by Rinyu and other UCB Ambassadors like Salatiel, sounds like a wonderful initiative. It provides a platform for talented individuals to showcase their skills and passion, bringing the search for talent right to people’s doorsteps. This inclusivity and engagement with the community are definitely praiseworthy.


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