Top 10 Anglophone Cameroon Entertainment Tik Tokers to follow in 2022

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Top 10 Anglophone Cameroon Entertainment Tik Tokers to follow in 2022. In this article, we will be sharing with you the top 10 Anglophone Cameroon content creators on Tik Tok in 2022 and we will prioritize MUSIC content creators. Tik Tok has given people opportunities to explore their talents and also monetize.

Top 10 Anglophone Cameroon Entertainment Tik Tokers to follow in 2022

What is tik tok?

TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic that doesn’t go against their community standards. The video-sharing platform which has over 1 billion active users worldwide and has been downloaded over 1.6 billion times on the App Store and Google Play is catching fire in Cameroon

Below are the Top 10 Cameroon Entertainment Tik Tokers who create musical content in No particular order.

Lady Q

She is a Cameroon tik tho creates content around music and culture. Other people call her the “northwest” goddess and she portrays the northwest culture & dress. in most of her videos




Ankia Kellie

Ankia Kellie is a Cameroonian entertainer who doubles as a Tik toker.

She prioritizes Cameroon culture in her content and uses the platform to promote music content. Ankia is also an artist with songs like “Bolo, my love” and others. Ankia joined the platform in 2020 and has been consistently creating relatable content with music and sometimes dance to entertain her fans.

She has over 23,000 followers on the platform

Follow her here 👇

 Dorcas Gossiper

Tardine Celestine Suinyu is a Cameroonian entertainer well known as Dorcas Gossiper. He doubles as a comedian, journalist, hairstylist, and make-up artist.

Dorcas is noted for her unique style is talking and her yellow flask or cooler which he carries everywhere he goes.

He is responsible for a lot of viral tik-to sounds which have been reused in over 1000 videos. he is an award winner with over 30,000 tik to followers, 29,000 on Facebook, and 13,000 plus on Instagram

Follow him here 👇

Ambe job

Ambe is a young Cameroon creative who created the popular video with the background sound “I’m in Bamendaaaaaa” which was loved and shared by Cameroonians on social media.

The creator does acting videos to songs in his local studio with instruments made by him 😂 Ambe is also a comedian who has been widely recognized by other too comedians with over 23,00s followers

Follow him here 👇

Showtime ( Prescious Panda )

Precious Panda known as @Showtimeeho is the famous Cameroon rat 🐀 on Tik Tok 😂. Show time is a Tik Tok celebrity well known for her power in storytelling by adopting different characters like a rat that is blown up.

She creates diverse content with a unique and funny face which she created for herself and it cuts across music, real life, and comedy. She has over 35,000 followers on TikTok

Follow her here

J Martin

J Martin Akwa ( @Jmartinakwo || @Jmartinakwo237 ) doubles as the founder of multiple award-winning blogs J Martin Promo and is a Tik toker with over 95k followers on the platform.

J Martin constantly creates short videos to hype or announce new songs and also supports a lot of events through his platform.

Follow him 👇


Caro With Full Names Lilian Mbeng is a Cameroon tik toker and crew member of the comedy group Caro & Copies.

Lilian Mbeng stands as one of the most celebrated and decorated tik tokers in Cameroon. Caro is a very talented lady who dances to songs mostly with her Teammate Copies who poses as her husband. She creates diverse content about different aspects of life and has created trends and slang like “Waka lie, We proud of who we’re” and a lot more.

Caro’s videos have received a total of 1Million likes ( July 2nd, 2022 ) and she has over 68,000 followers.

Follow her here 👇

Mr. Ndze

Mr. Nde is one of the most unique Cameroon content creators on Tik Tok with over 75,000 followers on the platform and over 12,000 on Facebook.

He creates unique and engaging content about things and music using local slang to excite the public. He is also a professional comedian and is loved by many. He constantly fights against domestic violence and encourages couples to solve their issues amicably.

Follow him here 👇


Kikay is a Cameroon tik toker with over 92,000 followers.

@Kikay293 creates musically content where she films herself dancing to popular & old Cameroon songs. She is married and based in the united states of America and has millions of views combined from her videos on the platform

Jackie Chindo

Jackie Chindo is a Cameroon Tik Toker based in the United States of America with the tik tok hangle ( @237Jackie ).

Jackie creates musically related videos where she dances to songs like the city girl that she is.

Follow her here 👇

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