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Too many Problems in this country, all thanks to creative and funny social media comedians, making us laugh out loud.

There has been a paradigm shift in the comedy industry in the past few years as talented comedians are not only discovered on stage again but also on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

Young generation of comedians are now using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to entertain people through sharing short comedy videos.

The number of young comedians on social media has skyrocketed in recent times but only a few are really funny.

Below Are Top 10 Funniest Camerooonian online Comedians This

10) Moses Entertains.

Nyoungo Moses is a Camerooonian comedian from the North West region precisely Kom.

He got in the entertainment industry in Early 2018 where he was a promoter and later on started making comic pics. After a while he started making his own comedy videos. He is know for always wearing a Blue jacket 🧥 in all his skits.

Moses now has numerous hit comedy skits which have trended on WhatsApp status and other social media platforms. He now has over 36k followers on Instagram 😱

To follow him [ CLICK HERE ]


9) Tik Dengue

Tik Dengue is a french comedian who blew up after the GCE Examination in 2019. The comedian released a comic video crying and mocking those who failed and it went viral on social media.

Tik Dengue has been very consistent putting out diverse content and collaborating with other upcoming comedians. He has over 400,000 followers on Facebook and has been able to secure deals with big brands like Orange Cameroon, UBA Bank and many others. The comedians skits are appealing to all types of persons as he makes General comedy.

8) Danny Green

Tembu Daniel AKA Danny green Freshking, he started up with a unique style where he cries to make people laugh. The comedian has build himself to be the most recognized anglophone online comedian international, featuring top African celebrities like “Don jazzy” and has signed big deals with some companies like Orange Cameroon and many more.

7) Phamose

This one na problem 😂, he always ends his skits with this word ” who cares“. Phamose is a young Instagram comedian who creates diverse comedy skits which soots all classes of people.

The comedian has over 100k followers on Tik Tok and is gradually Building a brand for himself. [ FOLLOW HIM ]

6) Under belle

This is one of those who is capable of creating fun from every trend in the country as he always has a funny way of delivering analysis.

Under Belle is one of the most recognized online Comedians in Cameroon as he is also loved by the older generation. The comedian has been able to secure deals with companies like SendWave, 1Xbet and many others.



5) Godisz Fungwa

Godisz Fungwa is a comedian and actor doing very well in both sectors. He runs a YouTube comedy series called ” Richard” where he drops episodes weekly under YouTube/TimelessPictures.

He is well respected for his creativity as he does pure Cameroon comedy, creating his own trends. This has earned him a name ” King of the craft”.

The Comedian has won numerous awards to his name and has starred in so many movies where he made amazing moves.

4) Johnzskid crazy

John Fonkam Adobo popular known by his stage name Johnzskid Crazy blew up in 2018 under a comedy group ” Don Kwata comedy” where they created numerous comedy videos on the streets.

He was the first English Camerooon comedian to ever clock 1Million views on a comedy skit on his Facebook and of now he is the most followed English Comedian on Facebook with over 200k followers. Johnzskid has made millions of views on his comedy skits and has been very supportive and creative over time. He is my fourth best English Comedian.


3) Maa Jacky

Maa Jacky happens to be one of those whose skits reliefs stress 😂. This guy is just amazing guys, His real names are Vidal Gurcuff and he plays the part of a mother.

The comedian blew up late 2020 from a comedy group with “Claudio Njalla” where he acts the part of Maa Jacky’s Son and they’ve been doing amazing since then. The comedian has over 400k TikTok followers, 150+ Facebook and many more on other platforms. He is one of those who has the most engaging skits as his comedy is appealing to all classes of people.

2) Ulrich takam

Ulrich takam to me is a legend when it comes to making people laugh. The french comedian has been very consistent over the years since he blew up in 2015, He has 3 comedy series where he releases at least an episode a week for his fans and all are getting attention.


1) Capees comedy world

Here is my number 1 guys Capees Comedy world. They’re arguably the best skit/short film makers to follow online these days “even comedians get cracked by them”. Capees comedy world is a comic group with main acts as Lilan Mbeng and Lovert Lambe who are also actors of the movie industry.

In just 1 year and a few months, Capees comedy world has been able to build a well recognized brand for themselves as they act as man and wife where the wife ( CARO ) always defends her husband.

They’ve been able to blend the comedy, music and movie industry with their brand and has fans of all the categories who’re very loyal to them.


Worthy Mentions:

They’re a few who their works can never go unnoticed and I’ll mention them below, feel free to add yours in the comment section.

Rapalo 4

• Eazikid

• Pikolo 2k

• Amp TV

• Icekid Charisma


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