Top 10 Most Streamed Cameroonian Artists On Boomplay in 2022 (No. 1 will shock you)

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Top 10 Most Streamed Cameroonian Artists On Boomplay (2022)

In entertainment, streaming platforms form an integral part in artist growth. With multiple platforms artists chose to have their art streaming online on these platforms while stacking up amazing statistics. Boomplay is one of the leading platforms in the 237 industry. The following list will show the top 10 most streamed artists in Cameroon.

10) Jovi scores the 10th spot with 3,1 million streams. As one of the biggest urban discographies in the industry for a rapper, he still pulls listeners.

9) Charlotte Dipanda gets 4,7million streams. The vocalist and Voice Africa judge has the kind of music people stream daily.

8) Ridimz gets in at the 8th spot with 5,4 million streams. The defunct group has been behind some of the biggest hits in the industry especially “Shabasiko“.

7) Tzy Panchak gets in at 7th having 5,6 million streams. His debut album and long lists of trendy singles make this possible.

6) Cysoul is a versatile artist whose style and lyrics appeal to a large crowd. Its why he gets over 6,6 million streams a good number of which are ladies.

5) Locko sits pretty with 6,9 million streams. His wide and rich discography appeal to a huge following to earn such massive statistics.

4) KO-C is the self-proclaimed Rap President and author to a galore of smash hits. His music has a magnetic pull with 9 million streams and an album on the way.

3) Rinyu with an angelic voice keeps enticing people of all generations to stay tuned in. Two years of consistency have placed her music in the hearts of many earning 10,2 million streams.

2) Indira Baboke makes Gospel music sound so crisp. She’s a formidable force in her genre and has scored 13million listeners.

1) Blanche Bailly gets the top spot with over 14,3 million streams. Her success this year says it all.

Worthy mentions are Minks 2,3million streams, Daphne 2,1 streams, Salatiel 2,2 streams, Stanley enow 1,2 streams, Coco Argentée 1,1 streams.



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