What is holding Me Leo down ? (See possible reasons )


Have you noticed the drastic Change in Mr Leo’s Career ?

My Leo used to be one of those artists you cannot talk music in Cameroon and his name is not mentioned but right now where is he ? Things started turning around for Leo even before he left Alpha better records ( when he took charge of Kameni and Gomez ). I must say he has done a lot with this artist but it has affected his career somehow.

Early last year he made promising his fans good music the whole of 2020 but he didn’t fulfill it. Mr leo is one of the most talented artist we have in Cameroon but I think what might lead to I
His Downfall is his team why ?

We only see the artist and we don’t know what/who is pushing him. Mr leo’s team is not doing the best for him right now.

1) Inconsistent : The atmosphere is getting saturated with more talented artist who produce good songs everyday and people are already forgetting his vibe.

2) Social Media presence : This plays a great role as far as the artist is concerned, even if there is no new music they always create Content ( Richard Bona is an example ).

3) Team : Many people have given me complains about trying to get to Leo but his team is not Responsive this is what one said “I write his manager, Call him and doesn’t pick and after a week he comes and write hello and when I reply he goes offline) he said this with a lot of Anger.

I think he should look into his team and make some changes I will suggest he works with young people who are determined.

holding the Lion of Africa Down ? Pls leave us an honest comment.

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  1. Very true. I can’t remember the last time I checked on him. (Music) focusly because he’s been missing. He needs to do something about it

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