“I haven’t had sex in 5years” Actress Olaide Oyedeji cries out, shows off her new breast lift (Video)

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Olaide Oyedeji, a Yoruba actress who claimed to be celibate, revealed that she hasn’t had sex in five years and has spoken out about her lack of sex.

She prayed to God and asked Him to help her.

Oh my God, I haven’t had sex in five years. Lord, please help me.

This is coming after the celebrity as of late went through a Bosom Lift to give her bosoms a hotter allure.

Olaide Oyedeji explodes in anger at those who have criticized her for leaving her husband At the beginning of this year, Olaide Oyedeji had become enraged at the severe criticism she had received for leaving her husband.


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The Yoruba actress, fed up with the criticism, took to her Instagram page to tell people not to slander her.

She posed the question in a satirical manner, “When has marriage become a do-or-die affair in Nigeria?”

The movie star emphasized that even if everything were perfect and happy, she wouldn’t have left her marriage. She also hinted that she wasn’t the reason the marriage ended; the actress added that if she wasn’t a good wife, he wouldn’t try to get back together with her.

She gave up her husband for anyone who wanted to have him, telling trolls to let her be.

After having butt enlargement surgery, Olaide Oyedeji shows off her new derriere. It is no longer news that Olaide Oyedeji had surgery to increase her derriere.

The quick rising entertainer joined the classes of VIPs who have gone through butt broadening a medical procedure.

Olaide posted several videos of the procedures, which were carried out in Nigeria, to her Instagram account.

In one of the recordings, Olaide was seen strolling with trickles fixed under her backside.

The movie star made the shocking public announcement that she had a new derriere.

Olaide also promised to show off her new body on the internet and expressed gratitude to her doctor.

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