“I Will Release Your Nude Video” – JohnLafta Threatens Untouchable Comedies over settlement (video)

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Few days ago, Untouchable Comedies pranked one of his boys, John Lafta. In the prank video, Untouchable Comedies destroyed the back glass of the Car he bought for John Lafta in May after revealing that since he gave John Lafta the car he’s been acting disrespectful and arrogant.

What caused the fight between Untouchable Comedies and John Lafta?

After destroying the back glass of John Lafta’s car, Untouchable confronted John and a fight broke out.

John Lafta got angry and destroyed the wheel screen of Untouchable’s car (1-1) 😅. This got Untouchable really broken and he started crying in the video where Bob 2 funny tried to bring peace amongst the two.

1 day later, Untouchable drove John Lafta from his house and took back the car he bought for him.

John Lafta got angry and promised to arrest Untouchable comedies, saying he has worked for Untouchable for two years without pay and he deserves the car.

Many thought John Lafta was joking but he finally brought police officers to Untouchable’s house, demanded N200k Untouchable was owing him and John Lafta paid. He asked for an interest of N700k and Bob 2 funny added it as well but on his way back, John snatched the key to the car Untouchable bought for him and left with it.

Today June 3rd, John Lafta threatened to release Untouchable’s nudes if he doesn’t settle him. According to John Lafta, Untouchable has to settle him for the two years they worked together without any agreement.

Watch the video below from 1:40 seconds you’ll hear about the nudes 👇.


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