After winning 100 million through sports betting, Pastor shuts down his church ( full story).

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Mr David Ochieng, a pastor from Uganda, has given up his ministry after winning a significant amount of money from sports betting.

According to reports in the local press, he won 100 million UGX (23 million frs/N21m Naira) and made the decision to close his church, leaving its members in disbelief and perplexity.

He closed the building and left members of his congregation stranded when they came for midweek service when he realized he was now worth 100 million shillings more.

The clergyman was contacted, and he admitted that the reason he chose to work in the vineyard of God was strictly to earn income to survive, not because he was called. Members of the church who visited the premises were shocked to see that the gate was locked and did not know what to do.

Ochieng went on to say that the victory was a blessing from God as well as a quick way to lift him out of the poverty he was in because he couldn’t make ends meet without the money from his poor congregation.

In related news, Maryam Lasisi, a Nigerian woman, has revealed that she stopped dating a man she had been interested in dating because of the man’s reaction to losing in sports betting.

She described when she called him on telephone and he was crying wildly on the grounds that his ticket cut and she felt disturbed.

Maryam said that even though she doesn’t think it’s wrong for a man to show emotion, the way he cried was too much for a man.

She explained that the incident changed her perception of him, which is why she decided against starting a relationship with him.


Maryam wrote;I called him and he was crying because his bet cut. I’m all for men showing emotions but hearing “Omo I f**k up” while someone was crying his eyes out was very cringe. Omo, I couldn’t look at him the same way again abeg.”

Twitter user, @Biodexraj commented; Maybe na 1 cut him 50 million naira 😒😒 why him no go cry.

@IpubliciseGod; When e be say na just one game cut am and the game na the last game for the slip

@TweetInspector0; “My boyfriend does not show emotions ” You Jam emotional men, you dey run. If he can’t cry to you, who else should he cry to ? And you want to be your boo bestfriend abi but he should hide his emotions ? If the bet enter now, shey you no go chop inside ni ? Ok ohh

@topetyez_; But it can be painful, u don’t know if he was about to win jackpot. These things dey pain ooo.

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