“She is Your Photocopy”: Man With White Patches on His Body Gives Birth to Baby With Same Marks, Video Emerges (WATCH)

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A TikTok video shows a man and his newborn baby who looks exactly like him in bodily appearance. In the video posted by @michelhlonmeti, it could be seen that the man has some white marks (vitiligo) on his body, and his daughter came out with the same marks.

From the video, the man could be seen with smooth white patches on his frontal hair, his forehead and parts of his face. Also, the white marks could be seen on his lips, chest, hands and beard. Amazingly, his beautiful daughter carries the same white patches on many parts of her body.

On her part, the marks extend from her hair to her forehead down to her nose. She also has white marks on her hands and lap. People on TikTok have described the man and his daughter as cute.

Watch the video below:


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@user6086001197480 said: “Photocopy of dad.”

@ALOUYA Solim Hélène “You have to fear God.”

@biochoco said: “It was you who really impregnated the woman. It’s cute.”

@rodrickrodrickdik reacted: “My God, I want a baby like her.”

@audrey said: “The little one is very pretty.”

@user2362195013574 commented:

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