Wendy Shay Reveals Openly About Spiritual Attacks She’s Had Since Moved To Ghana (Watch Her Speak)

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Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay has acknowledged that she was subjected to spiritual assaults upon her initial arrival in Ghana.

During a session on “The Day Show” with Bella Mundi, Wendy talked about her challenges and the enduring power of music.

Wendy was raised in Germany and had minimal exposure to religion growing up. However, she did have a lot of spiritual attacks after relocating to Ghana, which she realized was a common occurrence. Wendy also understood that there was a spiritual aspect to music.

“Growing up in Germany, you really don’t see spirituality like that, but when I came to Ghana, obviously, I faced a lot of spiritual battles,” she admitted.

Wendy came to the conclusion that there must be something outside of herself that attracts people.

She thinks that the spiritual energy in her music connects with listeners and contributes to her success as an artist.

She further added that “It’s normal everywhere. Music itself is a spirit. What is so special about me that people will like to come and watch me perform. There should be something that is beyond me that is actually making that happen.”

Wendy discussed how these encounters have significantly influenced her artistic and psychological development.

Despite having always known she wanted to pursue music, the difficulties she encountered helped her find her true calling and lead a life that is more driven by purpose.

She now seeks to live consciously and tackles her job with mindfulness, embracing her identity as a purpose-driven artist.

Watch Her Speak Below:


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