Yaw Tog Gloats About His Accomplishments As A Rapper (Watch Him Speak)

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Yaw Tog has been basking in his success and proudly displaying his achievements in the music industry ever since he became more well-known with the release of his hit song “Sore” in 2021. Since beginning his musical career, the Ghanaian artist has been open about how proud and excited he is about what he has accomplished.

Yaw Tog quickly became a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene thanks to his distinctive approach and captivating delivery. Yaw Tog was thrust into the spotlight when his song “Sore” became an instant hit and received millions of views and streams.

Yaw Tog has continued to release impressive tracks, further establishing his status as a talented artist, following the success of “Sore.” He has established a devoted following for his music and attracted collaborations with notable local and international artists.

Yaw Tog’s rise to fame has not only brought him recognition but has also opened doors to various opportunities and accomplishments. From performing on big stages to receiving awards and nominations, he has witnessed the fruits of his hard work and dedication to his craft.

In a video shared by thosecalledcelebss on Instagram, he bragged that looking at his age and the things he has achieved so far, he is grateful because some of his friends haven’t reached that height yet.

“I have acquired a lot of things that my age mates do not have. I am 20 years and I have certain things my mates do not have. I feel like God has been so good to me; he has helped me achieve some things in life”, he said.

Some of the achievements the singer said he has acquired which some of his age mates haven’t attained yet include a music career, his own record label, and the Tog Life Foundation, with the latter, which he uses to reach out to the poor and needy.

“I have something that I cherish and appreciate. I have my music career; I have a lot. I have my record label which is Tog Life Music and I have the Tog Life Foundation, which focuses on helping the needy. Recently we distributed books to some public and private schools so we just helping people”, he said.

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