A cheating husband allegedly infects his wife with HIV 1, HIV 2, and other diseases (Details Within)

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The incident was shared on Twitter by a user who shared the test results.

The tweet stated;

You have wife at home…you go out doing ivedi without protection….See where this one landed his wife……The woman is on the verge of taking her own life….Her only crime was getting married to Nwa Mkpi na amaro ife.

There is something disturbing about this story!”

In reaction, @finegirl_ljb wrote: “What do Nigerian women gain in marriage? When husband is sick, he comes to his wife to nurse him and when he’s strong, he runs back to his side chicks. When he’s broke, he runs back to the woman that helps him manage but the minute he has money, he is out drinking and eating with”

@Adaeze commented: “This is why I’m scared of marriage. Because definitely a man will cheat, just for no reason. Avoiding all these while being single then you enter marriage and meet your death. Chineke ekwekwala”

@gaiasanglebaby stated: “Something you will be avoiding all your life, you now marry one mkpi that will bring it right into your home. God forbid. As a woman it CANNOT be stressed enough, one of the top two traits you MUST identify in a man BEFORE marrying him, is that he is sexually disciplined.”

@adaigbo_2022 wrote: “This result is scary, even hepatitis C. 🥺🥺😭😭 The man finished her. She even get Ulcer join, HIV1/2 join. This is why I said Cheating is a breaking point for me in relationship, I cannot dodge all these diseases as a single person, then one man will come and destroy me”

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