Top 5 African Players With Premier League Hat Tricks After Nicolas Jackson’s Treble Vs. Tottenham

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In an exhilarating London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, set to be remembered as one of the most dramatic games in Premier League history, Nicolas Jackson delivered an exceptional hat-trick during an intense final 20 minutes.

Despite the spirited efforts of the home team, the resilient Senegalese striker found the back of the net thrice in the second half, bringing his total goal count to five this season in the English top flight.

The 22-year-old’s striking performance on Monday, November 6, places him on an esteemed list of African strikers who have achieved the feat of scoring three times in a single EPL match.

Kimbisports delves into the top five African players with hat-tricks in the English top flight.

5. Sadio Mane

Having scored two Premier League hat-tricks, the 2018-2019 Golden Boot recipient additionally boasts the distinction of securing the quickest top-flight treble in history.

Mane’s remarkable hat-trick for Southampton against Aston Villa saw him net three goals within a remarkable two minutes and 56 seconds.

Across his successful 10-year tenure in the Premier League, the Senegalese forward contributed 111 goals and 38 assists, playing a pivotal role in ending Liverpool’s three-decade quest for a championship title.

4. Didier Drogba

Concluding his tenure in England with three Premier League hat-tricks, Drogba stands as one of only six players to have scored trebles in consecutive league games, a testament to his remarkable skill.

The Ivorian forward impressively established a pattern of consistently scoring against Chelsea’s London rivals, Arsenal.

Throughout his 254 appearances in the Premier League, the two-time Golden Boot awardee accumulated 104 goals and 55 assists, securing the championship four times, all with Chelsea, according to the league’s official website.

3. Emmanuel Adebayor

Sharing the three hat-trick record with Drogba, Adebayor holds his unique place in Premier League history.

His last hat-trick occurred during a commanding 4-0 victory over Blackburn Rovers on September 13, 2008.


The towering striker contributed to the league during his time with Arsenal, Spurs, and Crystal Palace, amassing a total of 97 goals and 41 assists across over 200 appearances, as cited by Transfermarkt.

2. Mohamed Salah

Following an initially challenging period at Chelsea, Salah has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the Premier League’s contemporary history following his transition from AS Roma to Liverpool.

The Egyptian forward holds the record for the highest number of goals scored by an African player in the English top flight.

Among the 12 players to have secured four hat-tricks in the top tier, Salah is one of the two African players to achieve this feat.

His most recent hat-trick occurred in October 2021. It is worth noting that only 14 players in Premier League history have notched more trebles than Salah.

1. Yakubu Ayigbeni

Despite his impressive tally of nearly a century of top-flight goals, Yakubu is arguably the most underrated African footballer in Premier League history and doesn’t often receive the recognition he deserves.

He notably secured four hat-tricks in the English top tier, with his final one occurring on December 3, 2011. Notably, Yakubu is among five players who have netted hat-tricks for three different Premier League clubs.

Moreover, he holds the record for the most goals scored by a player from the continent and he stands alongside Robbie Fowler as one of only two players to have scored multiple ‘perfect’ hat-tricks, per GOAL.

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