Chelsea Legends Mikel And Lampard Lament Iniesta’s Goal And Referee Ovrebo In Barcelona’s Champions League Triumph

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Mikel and Lampard lament Ovrebo’s officiating in Chelsea’s Champions League loss to Barcelona. Super Eagles of Nigeria legend Mikel Obi is back on the social media trends.

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Obi reached out to his former Chelsea teammate Frank Lampard to be a guest on his podcast.

The former Nigeria captain decided to call Lampard weeks after John Terry went viral for his appearance on the podcast.

Mikel Obi on Barcelona vs Chelsea Champions League fallout
Obi on the podcast with Lampard stated that they should have defeated Barcelona to advance to the 2009 Champions League final.

After a 0-0 draw in the first leg, Barcelona was able to come to Stamford Bridge to play a 1-1 draw and advance on the away goals rule at the time.

According to Mikel, the officiating by Tom Henning Øvrebø did not help Chelsea in their cause against Barcelona.

He said, “I was on the bench, I remember Michael Essien scoring a goal and running up to me because I told him he was going to score before the game.’

“It was one of those games, It was up and down.

Mikel Obi a part of the 2012 Champions League winning team is now expected to return in a Chelsea jersey.
Mikel Obi in action for Chelsea in 2012
“We were playing really well creating lots of chances and we should have been up.

“Obviously, the referee at that time wasn’t budging. We had lots of penalties, lots of decisions would have gone our way but he didn’t do that.

“Obviously, Iniesta scored the goal but that was the Champions League stage where I thought if we had gone through we had a really really good team, I thought we could have won it.

“Obviously, we didn’t because of the decisions that didn’t go our way that night.

“Looking back at it, it was really really strange obviously. Drogba had that moment after the game where he lost it.”

Lampard on Barcelona vs Chelsea
Lampard also shared the same sentiment about the officiation issues Chelsea faced against Barcelona.

He also stated that as great as Barcelona were in that era, Chelsea were able to contain them at Stamford Bridge.

He said, “Fair play to Didier by the way, I know people would say you’re supposed to be a role model.

“But I like people showing personality and it’s how we all felt.

“That was an amazing performance, that team Barcelona as it was for a period of time over a good few years was brilliant but we had one over them at the Bridge.

“For some reason at the Bridge, it felt like a smaller pitch we could really get close.”

Mikel and Lampard then talked about a series of issues during their time together at Chelsea.

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