Adekunle Gold Expresses Shock After Seeing A Self-driving Car In San Francisco

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A video of Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold’s hilarious reaction after seeing a self-driving car in San Francisco, USA, has left many cackling on social media.

The 36-year-old singer was walking along the road with a group of people when the self-driving car passed by, leaving him astonished.

Upon seeing the car operating seamlessly without a physical driver, AG Baby couldn’t help but express his amazement as such cars are not yet in his home country, Nigeria.

He openly admitted that he had never seen a self-driving car in his life, and gleefully described it as “American wonder”.

“I have not seen this before o! America wonder!” he said

The clip has sparked a ton of funny comments on social media, with many Africans saying they can’t take the risk of riding in a self-driving car.

@cherrysams1 wrote, “I can never enter the car, even if I did, I’ll sit on the driver seat Incase, I go just match break, trust issue na ur mate 😂😂😂😂”

@officialpajoe wrote, “Na we still dey 2023…..some countries don enter 2043 already in technology.. see as baba shock.. all because of visionless leaders that most Nigerians are supporting…”

@stawobaba wrote, “It took me months to enter driverless train. Now it’s a normal thing.”

@_funmilayo__ wrote, “U see Asians, Europeans and Americans are just so gifted 😍….AG baby self was surprise about the car innovation….Dam’ i can’t wait to live abroad 😩”

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