Adekunle Gold Mocked Artists Who Use Streaming Farms (See Why)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Nigerian vocalist Adekunle Gold aka AG Baby has ridiculed artists, that they utilize streaming platforms to Artificially Increase their songs Popularity.

Taking to his Twitter account, Adekunle Gold mocked those whose songs had rapidly climbed to the top 20 spot on music charts, only to drastically drop to below 100 in just one week. He indirectly implied that the funds they used for “fertilizer” (referring to payments for streaming farms) have run out.

The musician tweeted; “Songs wey dey top 20 last week don go 170 something, owo fertilizer ti ku waso.”

The term “streaming farms” refers to services or platforms that manipulate online streaming numbers to give the appearance of higher popularity. Adekunle Gold’s tweet implies that some artists may be resorting to such tactics to boost their chart positions artificially.

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