All Radio Presenter Are living Fake Lives-Shatta Wale Disclose(Watch)

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Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale has expressed his firm opposition to radio presenters and industry insiders who disparage musicians.

He argues that many radio reporters ought to place greater focus on life’s positive aspects because they are less qualified to judge others.

He spoke about the music business in an Instagram Live video. He claimed that most radio hosts and other people in the entertainment sector don’t understand finances well enough to adequately criticize him.

He said, “A lot of the hosts you see are pretending to be rich, but behind the scenes, things are tough for them. They’re struggling. They shouldn’t think they can tell me how to live my life. I have a lot of money… They don’t have good plans for Ghana’s music industry. That’s why they sit on TV and radio and make fools of themselves.”

These remarks follow a recent disagreement with an entertainment specialist named Ola Michael.

Ola Michael had stated that Shatta Wale should not obtain a diplomatic passport, despite the fact that a previous French ambassador had urged that certain famous Ghanaian artists obtain one. The plan aimed to assist the country’s cultural, arts, and entertainment industries.

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