Anita Brown said she might decide not to keep the child (See Why)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Anita Brown‘s position on her pregnancy with Nigerian music superstar Davido seems to have changed.

She previously stated that she was expecting a kid with him, but she has since said she might decide not to retain the child.

Anita Brown has said on her verified social media account that she doesn’t want to interact with Davido’s family. She had previously attacked Davido on social media, dragged him through the mud, and even posted his contact information.

In her latest post, Anita expressed feeling tired of being constantly criticized by people and feeling neglected by “the man” (presumably Davido), who she believes is not giving the issue the attention it deserves because of his public image.

Anita claimed to have been disrespected and neglected, leading her to make the decision not to keep the baby. She emphasized that she does not want anyone to question her choices.

See her posts below:

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