Awoniyi, Tems’ manager, criticizes Nigerian artists who are obsessed with Apple Music’s chart. (Seee More)

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The Grammy-winning singer Tems‘s manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, recently voiced his disapproval of artists who place a high priority on topping the Apple Music Nigeria chart. He argued that such artists are out of touch with reality and fail to acknowledge the global prominence of the Afrobeats music scene.

Awoniyi discussed the situation on Monday by posting to his Twitter account. He emphasized that the Afrobeats genre has spread internationally and transcended boundaries. By doing so, he implied that artists should have a broader perspective and strive for global recognition and criticized those who only care about chart positions in their home country.

He wrote, “Imagining caring about Apple Music NG in 2023. Are you a baby? Or you don’t know the scene is global now?”

Quizzed by a fan on why he thinks the Apple Music Nigeria chart is irrelevant, Awoniyi explained: “The amount of users of the app within the country is what makes a chart relevant. You clearly don’t even know how many people even have Apple Music in Nigeria.”

The music industry has been abuzz with rumors and speculation regarding artists manipulating chart positions on platforms like Apple Music Nigeria. It is alleged that some individuals employ techniques such as “streaming farms” to artificially boost their streaming numbers and climb the charts. These practices have raised concerns about the authenticity and accuracy of chart rankings.
Awoniyi’s comments shed light on the broader debate surrounding chart manipulation and the growing influence of streaming platforms. He implies that artists should shift their focus away from obsessing over chart positions and instead concentrate on creating quality music that resonates with a diverse audience.

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