BNXN Respond To A Viral Video Dance With Stefflon Don (Watch The Video)

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BNXN (Buju), the well known Nigerian vocalist and lyricist, has at last stood up in the wake of being hauled online for not contacting Burna Kid’s ex, Stefflon Don, during a video shoot.

In the music video shoot, Stefflon Don, who is known for her dance moves, was seen with Buju, who was singing his verses. In any case, Buju didn’t get comfortable or contact her during the shoot, which ignited different responses from fans.

Some speculated that he might have refrained from touching her because she is Burna Boy’s ex-girlfriend, while others praised him for being respectful and disciplined. However, in a new video, Buju addressed the controversies surrounding the shoot.

He explained that he believes in respecting personal boundaries, and he had asked for permission to touch Stefflon Don, but she declined. Buju emphasized that it is essential to respect women’s choices and boundaries and that people need to learn to obey rules, especially in the year 2023.

His response clarified the situation and emphasized the importance of consent and respect in all interactions, especially in the entertainment industry.

Watch the video below;


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