Burna Boy discusses how hatred brings people together to oppose a common target. (Read More)

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Burna Boy, a rising star in Afropop music, recently posted a message to his Snapchat story in which he discussed how people band together to fight a common enemy.

The Grammy Grant winning craftsman pondered the propensity for people who hate somebody to conform to other people who share a similar feeling.

Burna Boy featured that when individuals hold onto gloomy sentiments towards an individual, they will generally frame coalitions with other people who additionally hold hostility towards that individual.

He emphasized that sometimes these individuals may not even like each other, but their shared dislike for the person in question brings them together.

“When people don’t like you, they will ride with anybody that is against you.

“They may not even like them, but they both have one assignment,” Burna Boy shared.

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