Chike explains why he hasn’t declared his love for a woman.

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Former reality TV star and Afro-soul musician Chike recently shared details about his mental health and his unique take on expressing love.

Chike discussed how he’s avoided problems since making success in the music industry five years ago in an exclusive conversation with TheCable.

The talented vocalist credited his ability to strike a healthy balance and deal with career-related problems for maintaining a good reputation.

Chike emphasized that anything can be turned into a scandal, but how one plays out depends on the individuals involved and how they manage issues.

Chike clarified his remark about not publicly declaring his love to ladies during the open discussion.

Chike underlined that, when it comes to matters of the heart, actions speak louder than words, and he sees himself as someone who expresses affection by deeds rather than words.

According to the artist, a man’s first responsibility is to provide for his family. He highlighted that physical displays of affection were more meaningful than verbal affirmations alone.

In his own words:

“I have never said ‘I love you.’ I guess for me that’s just too vulnerable. I get that feeling that if I say it, my confidence would waver and maybe even disappear. I’m content that I get to express it through my music, though. 😌”

“I think there was a misunderstanding, but love can be conveyed through various languages: through providing, through presence. I strive to score a perfect 100 percent in those areas.”

“A man’s foremost responsibility to a significant other is to provide. Uttering ‘I love you’ without backing it up with actual financial support or provision could lead to issues. You know, they say love is sweeter when there’s financial stability.”

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