“Clout chasers”: Teddy A Criticizes Those Who Traveled to Back Hilda Baci (See More)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Teddy A, a BBNaija star, has recently gained notoriety for his contentious take on the affection that Guinness World Record contender Hilda Baci has received from Nigerians.

After setting out to break the Guinness World Record for the longest individual cooking marathon, which was previously held by Indian chef Lata Tondon, the 27-year-old chef became a social media sensation.

Hilda received a lot of support from Nigerians, and on the third day of the cookathon, when it had become a popular topic on social media, many of them poured into the venue.

Not halting there, the BBNaija star went on to guide one more inquiry to ‘clout chasers and phony spirits’. That’s what he said assuming they had passed on their homes and driven the entire way to the area of Hilda’s cookathon, have they at any point done likewise for their companion who cooks just to help their hustle?

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