Davido and Logos Olori Accused of Sampling Without Credit: Video Goes Viral (Watch)

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The conversation sparked by Kusssman’s recent Twitter post has been a hot topic in the media and entertainment world lately.

In his post, Kusssman called out Afrobeat star Davido and his newly signed artist Logos Olori. Kusssman made an accusation that Davido and Logos Olori had sampled his artist, Shallipopi’s song ‘Ahead Ahead’, without seeking permission or paying royalty.

Kusssman wanted to back up his claim, so he shared a clip of Shallipopi dropping a teaser of his song ‘Ahead Ahead’ and another clip of Davido and Logos Olori doing a track together on IG Live. After listening to both clips, it is clear that there are some similarities between both songs, including lyrics and beat stems. The similarity between the two songs has many people talking and speculating about what could have happened between Davido and Logos Olori.

Watch The Video Below:


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