Adekunle Gold joins Stoneboy at Def Jam Records (See contract details)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Adekunle Kosoko, better known by his stage name Adekunle Gold, is a superstar singer who is about to join the ranks of Nigerian artists breaking international ground.

The “High” singer has formally endorsed with famous American music mark, Def Jam Accounts, Board investigates Tuesday.

Tunji Balogun, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the business, made this clear in a statement.

Balogun praised Kosoko’s songwriting, artistry, vocals, and showmanship in the release.

He stated, “I’ve been following Adekunle Gold since I first heard his record “Sade”” in 2016. “He’s stepped into stardom on his own terms and is completely comfortable being his true self,” says the author. “His songwriting has refined, the scope of his artistry has widened, his vocals have strengthened, his approach to fashion is more distinct, and his showmanship and performance ability have grown exponentially.”

Balogun stated that he intended to enter the Afrobeats market as soon as he began working for the label in 2022. “Adekunle felt like the perfect fit – he’d already done so much work on his own to build a base, but I knew that we could scale his audience to an even larger level if we combined our energies and worked together,” he continued.

Gold also expressed excitement about signing with the label and working with Balogun, especially given that the two of them both come from Nigeria.

Gold stated, “He comprehends it.” So it makes sense to sign with Tunji. He’s like a friend from the studio who follows me everywhere. I know he must have been insanely busy on the day he doesn’t have time to be there. He is superb.

There is a track record. The past is present. Because they break artists and have niche, one-of-a-kind artists like me, I believe it is the right move for me. They are aware of everything I have done for myself, which is why they are on board.

Under Def Jam, he will release a new album in June 2023.

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