“Don’t Come To Sango Without A New Car, Mansion” – Portable Knocks Young Duu Over Exit From Label, Zeh Nation

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Nigerian singer, Portable warned his former artist, Young Duu, not to return to Sango, his base, without a new car and a big house.

Young Duu left Zeh Nation, Portable’s record label, a few weeks ago.

Portable had entioned why he ended Young Duu’s contract, saying that Young Duu was getting too close to his enemies.

He also talked about an incident where Young Duu tried to scam him by making up a story about getting arrested and needing 200k for his release, which turned out to be false.

Young Duu responded by saying that he left Zeh Nation for success, not to betray Portable.

He also talked about the hardships he faced before. He asked people to remember what he went through.

Later, Portable, in a new video on Friday, October 27, warned Young Duu not to come back to Sango without a new car and a big house.

People who watched the video shared their opinions in the comments.

See some reactions below:

@iconicsteve01: “I’ve been waiting for this since , he can never disappoint.”

@uncastedplayboy: “I don tell my NIGGAs say portable go still talk.”

@easyboyagain: “Portable never thought the boy will go far after he pursue am.”

@ashanka94: “Abeg wetin dey pain am? You don pursue am already move on werey.”

@emperor_797: “Make him leave the boy abeg ,the guy Dey chase him dreams no be must sah the guy go blow under am.”

@MachalaWiz1: “He’s pained. Make someone bet am. That youngy duu go get car this year. I no know about mansion oo.”

@officialmrwrigh: “I Dey cater go rip that boy. Waiting portable do no good we know. Buh no be cater type.”

@BanitexL: “Watin him they talk no make sense! As him sack the boy nko ?.”



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