‘E No Go Better For You”-Portable Blast Esabod (Watch Video)

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The Popular Nigerian Singer, Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable by become a moving point online because of his passionate reaction to the allegations of media character Esabod of contribution to Money Rituals.

Portable took to his authority Instagram page to address Esabod straightforwardly, communicating his disappointment over the bits of hearsay that she had blamed him for turning to blood cash to make progress.

In a lengthy video, the Zazu Zeh crooner vehemently refuted the allegations and proceeded to curse out the media personality for making such damaging claims. He emphasized that everything he possesses is a result of God’s blessings and grace, firmly asserting that he has never resorted to any unholy means to attain wealth.

Moreover, Portable countered Esabod’s accusations by suggesting that she earns money through questionable means, insinuating that she engages in inappropriate activities on social media for financial gain. He also pointed out that unlike her, he is a parent and values the importance of family, implying that her lack of children might be influencing her unfounded ritual claims.

In his words; “Even though you go to Cele, you cannot become a celebrity. It’s very hard, it’s God that gives wealth. Mummy Esabod, you make money off your body on social media. You don’t have someone like me, that is why you are saying I did blood money, e no go better for you. You carry my matter for head, you think say you go sell, even if you sell, you no go gain. Madam you say I do ritual, na so I hear o, they say you say I do ritual, so come out make you come tell people sey evidence. We didn’t collect anything from the devil, it’s from God’s hands that we collected it. It is grace, not disgrace.”

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